Testing & Validations

All Products are continuously validated for performance, reliability and protection against environment such as Vibration, Heat, Cold, Dust Humidity & Thermal shock etc.
Starter Motor
  • Perfomance Characteristics
  • Insulation Resistance test
  • High Voltage Test
  • Water spary Test.
  • Water Dip Test.
  • Cold cranking Test
  • Dust Test
  • Absive Engagement
  • High and low temperature test
  • Stablised Performance
  • Rotor winding Resistance Test
  • Hot endurance test
  • Efficiency test
  • Acceleration and deceleration test
Starter Motor
  • Continuous Cranking Test.
  • Endurance Test/Peridic Test
  • Battery Run Down Test
  • Over Speed Test.
  • Normal speed Endurance Test. 500/ 8000 rpm.
  • High Speed endurance Test. 9000/ 11500 rpm.
  • Load dump Test.
  • Non - Battery Test.
Starter Motor
  • Water spary Test.
  • Water Dip Test.
  • Cold cranking Test
  • Dust Test
  • Absive Engagement
  • Elevated Temp. Rain & dust Endurance Test.
  • Corrosion Resistance Test/Salt spary Test.
  • Damp Heat (Cycling) Test
  • Hot Box (110oc)
  • Acceleration & deceleration Test.
  • Vibration Test.

Environment Test

Auto Ignition lays great emphasis on the MEOST which works on the under lying principle “Testing to failure is more important than success testing”. In this, the product is subjected to multiple Environment stresses to almost three times the design limits.

This test is an attempt to foresee the field failures which are then analyzed and corrected for enhanced product reliability.

Auto Ignition has developed following MEOST based on the field failure and in house Testing.
  • Environmental chamber for Alternator to overstress products by subjecting them to vibration, Heat, cold, thermal shock (125º c to –40º c) & humidity.
  • Environmental chamber for starter motors to overstress Products by subjecting them to steam (at 125º c) followed by Chilled water jet at a pressure of 20kg/cm² & 1 minute Continuous cranking.
  • Environmental chamber for alternator to overstress Products by subjecting them to heat, dust & rain with Variable load.
Metrology Lab
Metrology Lab is used for conducting Dimensional analysis of Mechanical parameters using following facilities:-
  • Three co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Profile projector
  • Gear lead and profile testing machine
Metallurgical & Chemical Tests
Metallurgical & Chemical Lab. is used for conducting:-
  • Chemical analysis of metals
  • Evaluation of Heat Treated Components.
  • Validation of Insulating Materials, Rubber Parts, Copper wires & springs